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Sheba Chhachhi

Sheba Chhachhi’s lens based works investigate contemporary questions about gender, the body, the city, cultural memory and eco-philosophy, through intimate, sensorial encounters. Chhachhi began as an activist and photographer, documenting the women’s movement in India. By the 1990s, she moved to creating collaborative staged photographs, eventually turning to large multimedia installations. Her works retrieve marginal worlds: of women, mendicants, forgotten forms of labour. Created through inter-‐subjective processes, the photographs emerge from an invitation to perform the self.
Chhachhi’s work often recuperates premodern iconography, myth and visual traditions to calibrate an inquiry into the contemporary moment. She experiments across the spectrum of durational mediums, and has developed a special language working with animated light boxes. These mobile palimpsests work with a series of translucent and transparent layers where the mythic and the social conjoin to reflect on key concerns of our times.
Chhachhi creates immersive environments, bringing the contemplative into the political, in both site-‐specific public art and independent works. She has exhibited widely in India and internationally including the Gwangju, Taipei, Moscow, Singapore and Havana biennales; her works are held in significant public and private collections including Tate Modern, UK, Kiran Nadar Museum, Delhi, BosePacia, New York, Singapore Art Museum, Devi Art Foundation, Delhi and National Gallery of Modern Art, India. She lives and works in New Delhi.
Born in 1958,Harar (Ethiopia), Sheba Chhachhi studied at Delhi University, Chitrabani, Kolkatta and the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. She was Townsend Fellow at University of Berkley, 2005. In 2011 Chhachhi was awarded the Juror’s Prize for contemporary art in Asia by the Singapore Art Museum.
Chhachhi has published writings, given talks and conducted workshops, research and projects relating to women, conflict, urban ecologies, visual culture and contemporary art practice in both institutional and non- formal contexts
Temporal Twist, Part Narratives, Bikaner House, New Delhi
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