Volte Gallery

The FICA Group Show

22 April - 21 May 2011

Established in 2007 in New Delhi, Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art (FICA) is a not-for-profit organisation that works within and outside the gallery space to broaden the audience for contemporary Indian art, enhance opportunities for artists, and establish a continuous dialogue between the arts and the public through education and active participation in public art projects and funding. The Emerging Artist Award has been FICA’s earliest initiative, and this exhibition will be the third FICA Group Show, following Urgent: 10ml of Contemporary Needed! (2008) and Hyphenated Practices (2009).

To be Continued… The Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art (FICA), New Delhi, in collaboration with the Volte Gallery, Mumbai, presents To be continued... featuring 14 emerging artists from across India. This is FICA’s first major event in Mumbai.

All participants in the Group Show were chosen by the FICA Emerging Artist Award juries (2009 & 2010). The jury members include artists Anita Dube, Bharti Kher, Ranbir Kaleka, and Shuddabrata Sengupta, art historian Kavita Singh, and the Head of Pro- Helvetia New Delhi, Chandrika Grover. These select artists are, the juries observe, significant young practitioners whose impact on contemporary art needs to be taken note of for future reference.

To be Continued... as a conceptual thread refers to the use of the phrase as a plot device in narratives, allowing for an extension in time and space. It works as a link to the anticipated future, and outside the immediate present. In this exhibition, the idea works as a tool to resist the curatorial compulsion to compress and frame these artists’ fluid practices into the concrete present or a single conceptual scheme. To be continued... suggests that the works that are here and now are only glimpses, early traces of future transgressions. The idea also captures the incompleteness in experience, a teaser that leaves you hanging only with the promise of that something that is yet to come. Together these artists present the possible techniques of persuasive argumentations that would shape contemporary art practice in the years to come.

Curatorial imput and coordination Bhooma Padmanabhan and Julia Villaseñor Bell.