Volte Gallery

Boshudhara Mukherjee /
painted veil

3rd - 31st march

‘Painted Veil’is the inaugural solo exhibition of works by artist Boshudhara Mukherjee. In her works the canvas is more than just a surface to paint on; it is the active participant in the process of creation andoften dictates it. Boshudhara feels the need to free the canvas, to be able to manipulate and manoeuvre it. She allows it to occupy its own space by discarding its framework and letting it hang freely in space.

The work, like the meanings are multi layered. Various thoughts drift in asthe work evolves and develops. The canvas is cut and woven back together, sometimes more than once, to create the work. It isnot only the creation but moreimportantly the recreation and distortion of the pattern that occur while weaving to create new, unexpected patterns that is vital to the work. Yet behind the apparent fragility of the work, is hidden its great strength to endure.Whilst the intricate, delicate nature of the work also hides the destructive process of its creation.

Boshudhara’s work reflects life and the distortions created by its challenges and problems. Despiteset backs, one tries to pickup the pieces and rebuil done’s life. But no matter how hard they try thedistorting scars remain. The works are subsequently like portraits or masks that people wear. They are the facs one ‘putson’ or hides behind in an attempt to not totally reveal their true self. But the distortions continue to reveal the trials and travails of the inner self.