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Based Upon

Based Upon is a team of artists and designers creating large scale artworks and sculptural furniture.

Based Upon works largely to commission creating works that are rich in significance to the commissioner. Based Upon believes that the value of a piece of art is subject to the ineluctable laws of the market but that a work that begins with significance transcends that, becoming more precious as time passes when memory and nostalgia take over.

Based Upon’s own work is inspired by natural and urban landscapes, explorations of archetypal forms and patterns and by the narrative histories woven within a place or group of people.

The studio has developed a unique palette of mark making techniques in liquid metals and resins which are presented as a collection of award winning hand made surfaces which are used primarily within super yachts and the worlds finest interiors projects. Based Upon collaborates with architects, designers and brands to create large scale installations, bespoke artworks and sculptural furniture.

Based Upon were established in 2004 by twin brothers Ian and Richard Abell and are currently a team of 35 based in London but working extensively across the world.